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Kohl's Morning Mile

What is the Kohl's Morning Mile?

It’s a chance for elementary and middle schools in the region to start every morning being active, to walk or run out some before-school energy, to earn prizes, to have fun with friends and family, and most important of all … to get a head start on the long-term benefits of an active lifestyle. It starts right here at your school, and it’s free!

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Kohl's Morning mile enrolled more than 40,000 students in 65 schools throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Together, these students ran or walked more than 325,000 miles in just one year!

Why are Kohl's Cares and Niswonger Children's Hospital Partnering To Bring Your School the Kohl's Morning Mile?

Because Kohl’s and Niswonger Children’s Hospital care about children’s health. Programs like the Kohl’s Morning Mile are created to help children develop healthy habits, like daily exercise. Exercising before school increases oxygen flow to the brain, reduces stress  and improves mood. Research shows that kids who exercise regularly do better in school. That’s why programs like the Kohl’s Morning Mile are perfect for your child’s school. Kohl’s Cares and Niswonger Children’s Hospital have been partners since 2005. 

The $5 Kohl’s Cares merchandise sold in the Johnson City and Kingsport Kohl’s locations support programming like the Kohl’s Morning Mile! 

Incentives Make It More Fun

Kids can earn reward necklaces and charms as they reach different milestones. Healthy Habit Kits are awarded each month to  the Kohl’s Morning Mile student who has achieved the greatest miles and days of participation. In addition to student incentives, each Kohl’s Morning Mile school competes for up to $1,000 in community grants based on overall student participation! These funds are used by the school to purchase fitness equipment for physical education programs.

Time To Get Moving!

All kids need to do is show up before school – with or without their parents –  at the Kohl’s Morning Mile start time and location set by your school.  Parents are encouraged to join in and be active together as a family, and to volunteer to help your school with  the program. So start a healthy habit today and join in on the Kohl’s Morning Mile! 

You can help

Sixty-five schools in our region are currently up and running on the Kohl's Morning Mile program, but there are dozens more who are on a waiting list and need funding assitance to get started. You can sponsor a school for $1,000, which provides the materials, prizes and incentives needed to get kids moving in the mornings and on the road to better health. When you sponsor, we'll give you updates on your school's progress so you can celebrate with us as the kids reach their fitness milestones! To sponsor a school, contact Tara Chadwell at 423-431-4891.

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