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Contributing to Our Communities

Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) has long supported the needs of those less fortunate with contributions, in-kind and with cash, to organizations throughout our region. Whether made through corporate contributions or through one of our hospital facilities, MSHA continues to support charitable causes that better the life, health and environment of our communities with a special emphasis on serving the less fortunate.

We recognize that no agency can effectively confront all community issues alone. That’s why we seek promising partnerships with hundreds of service and social organizations that reach out to families and individuals in need. Coupled with our company’s financial support, many of our associates devote their time, energy, expertise and resources to support community development, disaster recovery, and other programs that improve living conditions for the elderly and disadvantaged.

Although we admire all worthy projects, MSHA receives far more requests than we can grant. Given the volume of important causes, we believe it is essential to have concise, meaningful criteria for evaluating requests in accordance with our corporate philosophies, priorities for giving, geographical locations and budget capacity. Because social responsibility is very important to our company and its leadership we are always glad to consider benevolent causes.

Procedures for Requesting Funds

Organizations should review the "Guidelines for Giving" to ensure their eligibility.

All requests for contributions must be submitted using the Contribution to Our Communities application provided online by MSHA and filled out completely.

It is not necessary for organizations to follow up with telephone calls to inquire about the status of their applications. All organizations will receive confirmation after funding decisions have been made.

Organizations receiving gifts of $5,000 or more are asked to submit a progress report following the completion of the program or activity. 

Guidelines for Giving

  • Programs that benefit communities where we are a significant employer
  • Programs that provide food, shelter, health care and basic services for the less fortunate
  • Projects that satisfy unmet needs in the community without duplicating other programs or services
  • Initiatives that endorse MSHA’s mission, philosophies and company culture
  • Programs that clearly define and measure goals

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