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Faculty Members / Coordinators / Instructors

Mountain States Health wants to ensure your students have a great experience. This web page will provide you with details about the process for requesting and finalizing your student placements/requests as well as requirements you must complete prior to student rotations.

Step 1:
If you already have confirmed clinical placement (i.e. through the ACNEP group or other placement groups), skip to Step 3.  If you do not have a clinical placement confirmed move to Step 2.

Step 2: 
If you are requesting placement at MSH for a clinical group, please complete the Clinical Group Placement form. Contact will be made with you following your submission. MSH must ensure there is a contract in place with your school/university. If there is not a current contract, then the process will begin to secure a contract. Also, MSH must ensure there is a department able to accommodate your request. This will also be confirmed and you will be made aware.  Once you have received your confirmation, complete Step 3.

Step 3:
Instruct all of your students to complete the MSH Online Student Orientation. All students should print the confirmation page when they complete the orientation, and submit this to the instructor. Please disable any pop-up blockers.

Step 4:
Once all orientation confirmations are collected by the instructor, the instructor must complete the Affiliation Checklist. If your students require MSH computer access, this affiliation checklist will be submitted to MSH IT and your access will be set up. The MSH IT Security department asks that you submit your request no earlier than 3 weeks prior to the semester start (for security reasons, accounts cannot be created far in advance). Please ensure all student information is accurate when submitting the information, as any discrepancy in the student's name or last 5 of the SSN from a previous semester will cause the request for access to be denied, and will delay that student gaining access. Access is only granted for the term of that semester. The instructor should also list his/her name on the affiliation checklist so that the instructor has access as well. Access codes are e-mailed to the instructor listed on the affiliation checklist and are then to be distributed to the students. Check any spam filters if you have not received your access codes in the expected amount of time.  

If your students will have computer access and are new to MSH as students, they must attend a computer class. These classes can be scheduled by forwarding a request to

Skill Sets/Competencies

Every school and discipline has a different set of skills/competencies that their students are capable of performing. In efforts to ensure students can practice skill sets while at MSH, a skill set/competency list needs to be provided to the clinical manager of every unit your students will be on. The best time to do this will be the first day on the unit. Schools need to provide the clinical manager(s) with a list of students that will be on that particular unit and what skill set the students are competent to perform.

Dress Code

All students are required to wear professional dress while at MSH. Students must wear business casual or scrubs (with or without a lab coat). The school will determine if students should wear business casual or scrubs. Jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, flip-flops, and sandals are not appropriate attire. A school name badge must be worn at all times. Students who are not dressed appropriately for their clinical time/internship will be sent home.   


In an effort to make it easier for patients/families to access health care services, please remind all of your students not to park in our visitor lots. All students are required to park in the employee lot while they are completing rotations at MSH. If you are unsure about the exact location of the employee parking lot, you can check with security or the facility educator for guidance. Please keep in mind that students do not need a “permit/pass” to park in the employee lots. For students at JCMC, please remind your students about the parking garage. Your cooperation is appreciated.

End of Semester Evaluations

MSH wants to assure that students receive the best clinical experience/internship possible and that our staff performed to the best of their ability. MSH values student input and is always looking at opportunities for improvement. At the end of each semester, Organizational Development will email a survey link to school faculty members. This will allow students to provide us with input about their experience.

Additional Information & Reminders

  • All students must wear their school issued name badge
  • Flu shots are required for all students at MSH
  • Always adhere to our patient-centered care philosophy
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unfamiliar.
  • Seek out learning opportunities and have a great experience